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Pimpin' the waves and Rippin' through the belly of the Queen Anne's Revenge, Megalodon is here to stay. We eat Whales for breakfast. Don't just think about your dreams, live them.

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Welcome to $MEGA
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Token Distribution

CEX - 2,000,000 (2%)
TEAM - 2,000,000 (2%)
PUBLIC SALE/LIQUIDITY - 96,000,000 (96%)

Security and Transparency

Your safety is our top priority. $MEGA uses the gold-standard and battle-tested Open Zeppelin libraries in the token contract. Audits for all of the contract functions (ERC20.sol, ERC20Burnable.sol, ERC20Permit.sol and ERC20Votes.sol) can be found here. The contract has been renounced which can also be seen here. A minimal and transparent amount of team tokens exist and with 0/0 tax there is no centralized treasury. Why don't we have a marketing wallet? The long-term MEGA takeover is already over-funded.


Saying the team has significant experience in Web2 and Web3 is an understatement. Nico leads the helm and is fully doxxed and respected in the community. You can catch him every day in the Telegram VC. The rest of the team are also there every day, pop on by!


Our VC has been open 24/7 since day 1. It has formed true friendships, enabled solid business connections and hosted countless rap-battles. Come and chill with us and see for yourself!


Imagine an ancient leviathan of the deep, the Megalodon, that roamed the seas with an awe-inspiring presence millions of years ago. Fast forward to the modern era, where technology and creativity collide, giving birth to $MEGA. Just as the Megalodon ruled the oceans, $MEGA aims to make a tidal wave in the cryptocurrency world with its unique blend of meme culture built on the Ethereum blockchain. Megalodons are now back, hungry, and thriving all over the blockchain!

Thank You

To all the OGs since day 1, we salute you.


Looking to become a true Megalodon? Chat to us in Telegram and we can sort out an OTC deal.

$MEGA Megalodon 2023 - contact info@megaerc20.com for enquiries
Anzac Pride
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